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Due to the pandemic and changes to deadlines, including feedback delays, we have moved implementation of our curricula to August 2022.

Further information here: Curricula review project | Royal College of Psychiatrists (

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Curriculum Consultation

The College has launched the consultation on the Curricula Framework. They have developed a consultation hub with useful information for stakeholders, including two videos on the framework and how to set up a PDP.

The consultation is open until the 13th August, and there is a consultation form available on the consultation hub for responses. Alternatively, people are welcome to contact the team at any time via


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Latest News

  • Release 4.4

    Posted by Simon at 19:37 on 17 Apr 2021

    Major Enhancements

    • [#490] refactor layout and add WPBA totals to portfolio dashboard


    • [#199] [RCPsych] Form R now available to all –
    • [#199] [FOM] Form R –
    • [#199] [FOM] ESR components for testing
    • [#512] added delete element to proforma editor


    • remove manual archive portfolio option
    • [#455] show level of ARCP in activity entry


    • permission issue that sometimes prevented ARCP reviewers from viewing certain attachments
    • [#99] automatically remove assessor from form when nomination is deleted
    • [#453] error when deleting activity with missing resource
    • [#457] fix issue allowing case logs to be mapped to competencies
    • [#459] fix error when deleting management nominations for unknown users
    • [#459] fix permissions for programme admin viewing uploads
    • [#467] fix display issue with comments on collated feedback
    • [#472] fix issue preventing suspension import
    • [#474] fix caching issue when adding a new followup
    • [#476] fix issue preventing “ARCP Released” emails from sending
    • [#479] fix regression causing error when report scheme is not set
    • [#481] fix issue where review scheme was not being correctly set
    • [#485] fix issue where trainee’s name would sometimes not show on Form-R in the organisation reviews page
    • [#485] error when a deleted user was shown in a filter
    • [#493] demo accounts failing to reset
    • [#495] permission issue that sometimes prevented RO’s from viewing Form-R
    • [#491] fix issue where MSF was showing total forms, not assessments
    • [#492] fix error viewing frameworks
    • [#497] remove expired tools from assessment summary
    • [#498] error when checking RO permissions against reviews with no organisation set
    • [#506] fix error when a form R has not been completed
    • [#509] fix issues with future dated PDP Items
    • [#511] restored recents in navbar
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