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Latest News

  • Maintenance Release 2.0.1

    Posted by Simon at 23:25 on 01 Feb 2017


    • issue preventing the reviews index page from displaying correctly
    • issue preventing some unregistered users completing a mini-pat form
    • issue causing submitted reports to appear as in progress
    • issue causing check box field submissions to be unrecognised
    • issue preventing some evidence fields from being edited
    • issue preventing supervisor report requests from sending immediately
    • issue preventing some PDP items from appearing on trainee dashboard
    • issue preventing trainee portfolios from displaying in programme management view
    • issue preventing assessment date from being edited
    • issue preventing unregistered users from submitting a WPBA form without first having to save
    • error when viewing ARCP where the trainee has not set a portfolio type
    • error when viewing specialty training post form
    • error when trying to edit an msf self form
    • error when viewing a report form
    • error when viewing an arcp outcome form
    • error when trying to archive a PDP item
    • error when trying to edit an MSF activity


    • evidence edit button on index page
    • evidence delete button on index page
    • display supervisor name on completed report forms
    • delete review option


    • career history updated to use new card format
  • Release 2.0.0

    Posted by Simon at 02:48 on 01 Feb 2017

    Major Enhancements

    • Filtering, searching and sorting portfolio contents
    • Dynamic filters can now be used on the new curriculum coverage view
    • Introduced school/programme management sections for future reporting needs
    • Improved support for multiple portfolio types Specialty Training, CESR, Liason Credentialing etc
    • Redesigned navigation to provide consistency when viewing other people’s portfolios
    • New ‘assessment engine’ provides advanced features for completing forms by multiple people and generation of dynamic form fields
    • New visualisation showing competency coverage for activity folders
    • Trainee screens use visualisation to show coverage for current and past folders.
    • Supervisor dashboard uses new visualisation to show coverage for their trainees current folders.


    • allow containing folder(s) to be specified when creating evidence
    • allow attachment to be specified when creating evidence
    • allow multiple attachments to be uploaded at the same time
    • provide a synopsis on WPBA’s to give assessor context
    • all activities can be given custom titles
  • 2016 Curricula now available

    Posted by Simon at 15:50 on 15 Nov 2016

    The latest version of the Curricula (August 2016) is available on RCPsych and GMC websites and is live on Portfolio Online.

    This update comprises of moderate changes, specifically related to the numbering of ILO’s, and is not an extensive or deliberate content re-write. As such it impacts immediately, new and current trainees alike. Going forward the online supervisor forms will soon be dynamically generated, based on the curriculum, and will be rolled-out as part of the next update.

    For further information, feel free to contact Dee Noonan

  • Revalidation Officer Access

    Posted by Simon at 12:00 on 21 Sep 2016

    We recently made an update to the system that adds support for “Revalidation Officer” access. This is a school based role, that lets a person view all of the ARCP documents for trainees in the specified school.

    If there is someone in your school that needs this access then drop us a line at for more information on how to get this setup.

    (NB: Originally we had called these ‘Revalidation Managers’ but have subsequently updated the name of this role.)

  • Maintenance Release 1.2.13

    Posted by Simon at 14:40 on 25 Aug 2016


    • 2016 Curricula


    • during setup do not default “Please confirm your status” question
    • clarification of wording on ‘Archive Portfolio’ panel
    • minor formatting changes for 2016 curricula
  • PortfolioOnline v2.0.0-beta

    Posted by Simon at 11:29 on 12 Aug 2016

    A new release of PortfolioOnline has been in development for some time now. The beta version is available at so that you can preview the changes.

    This version brings improvements to the searching/filtering of your portfolio, as well as improvements to the general navigation that should make it easier to move around your portfolio.

    One of the most significant enhancements is being able to filter your curriculum coverage, allowing you to see it by training level and/or ARCP period.

    NB: The beta version is connected to your real portfolio, so that you can see exactly how it will look. You can access it using the same login details and any activity on the beta version will be reflected on the current version. At this time we would recommend continuing to use the current version for Mini-PAT, WPBAs and Supervisor Reports.

    We are working hard to make this release available as soon as possible. As this is a beta version you may find that some things are not working as expected. Our servers log all activity and collect information about any errors allowing us to track them down and fix them. Using the system and getting ‘something went wrong’ is of great help and would be very much appreciated.

    If you would like to go one step further, then we would also be interested to hear any feedback you might have, in particular if you find that anything is not working correctly, or if there is something that you think is missing. Or even if it’s just to let us know that you like it! Please email us at and mention that you are testing the beta version.

  • Maintenance Release 1.2.12

    Posted by Simon at 09:19 on 20 Jul 2016


    • revise completed ARCP’s and retain audit trail
    • warning for trainee on ARCP outcome form activity when revision of form is underway


    • updated form revisions screen to include data about the revision within the body of the form


    • issue that prevented some types of supervision forms from printing
    • issue that caused only first page of multi page forms to print
    • form revision history sometimes showing incorrect date time for updates
    • issue where dynamically updating forms would not reinitialise some parts of the dynamic functionality after initial update
    • issue preventing signing off an ARCP outcome form for a second time that has been revised after signing of previously
    • issue where date not showing on new activities
  • Maintenance Release 1.2.11

    Posted by Simon at 21:37 on 10 Jun 2016


    • warning when selecting no trainees trying to schedule multiple ARCPs
    • add programme management panel to dashboard for programme admins
    • programme switcher
    • exams import
    • candidate numbers import
    • show the name of the person who submitted a form on the pdf version of the form
    • show the date/time of form submisson on the pdf version of a form
    • allow tagging/categorisation of WPBAs
    • provide a means of labelling WPBAs to differentiate them


    • issue where attempting to edit competnecy mappings would sometimes cause an error
    • a rare issue with redirects on multi page form
    • a rare issue where creating an assessment might generate an error if a previous attempt had been invalid
    • issue where releasing feedback would sometimes not remove the outstanding task from a supervisor’s dashboard
    • issue which was causing the ARCP outcome 6 motification to fail to send
    • issue where attempting to edit competnecy mappings would sometimes cause an error
    • fix a rare issue with redirects on multi page form
    • fix a rare issue where creating an assessment might generate an error if a previous attempt had been invalid
    • issue where importing files would sometimes display the incorrect status
    • issue where trainees wwere not displaying on DA dashboard
    • issue where archived PDPs were not displaying


    • prevent setup wizard from sometimes being triggered when merging accounts
    • prevent invalidation of password sometimes being triggered when merging accounts
    • scope trainees, ARCP overview pages by programme
    • merge file import moved to dashboard
    • general improvements to import functions
    • in progress mini-pat box on profile now includes ‘not released’
    • improvements to user search: partial email matches, more weight to GMC and rcpsych membership number
    • general improvements to the layout of the assessments/activities tables
  • Maintenance Release 1.2.10

    Posted by Simon at 18:55 on 18 May 2016


    • automatically email college when outcome 6 is awarded
    • additional form validation logic for multiple field checkboxes and field comparison
    • generate cohort means for mini-pat scoped by school and level, and allow selection of cohort when viewing feedback


    • filter programme specific attributes from portfolio edit screen (GMC TPAN,NTN/DRN and CCT_DATE)
    • issue causing an error during the account setup procedure
    • error when viewing individual trust details
    • issue where a DA could not create an outcome form if they were also registered as an ARCP reviewer
    • issue where an activity that had its related object deleted would cause the activities index to raise an error
    • error when viewing a trainee relationship record
    • issue where using back/forward or opening multiple windows could interreupt creation of new form and cause it to fail
    • error when trying to view dashboard with a scheduled ARCP after portfolio has been archived
    • issue where excessive tagging could lead to innacurate counts being displayed
    • dispaly issue where arcp outcome was showing as a code instead of human readable text on reviewer dashboard
    • issue where a new specialty trainign form could not be created
    • issue preventing some specialty training forms from displaying due to a change in data format
    • error when viewing certain folder contents
    • issue where ARCP’s completed using an older outcome form proforma were incorrectly reporting their status as scheduled
    • fixed a typo on the ARCP scheduled message
    • issue where supervisors name would sometimes show instead of trainees name on L2 report
    • issue where generating collated feedback would adversely affect database performance
    • issue where a supervisor could not register a new account using a supervisor nomination link
    • issue causing expired mini-pat requests to appear as an outstandng task on the dashboard


    • allow assessment tools to be deprecated
    • allow scheduling of revisions to proforma templates
    • make ‘New Followup’ dropdowns consistent
    • updated ARCP outcome form to latest revision
  • Maintenance Release 1.2.9

    Posted by Simon at 11:00 on 11 Apr 2016


    • credentialing pilot programme


    • race condition that could cause assessments to remain in the index after being destroyed, affecting assessment totals
    • error when recently viewed items tried to display a private form
    • error when viewing supervisor relationship
    • error when editing user profile with no role specified
    • prevent more than one MSF being created at the same time
    • error when searching for a user
    • typo on edit activity screen
    • issue where permissions to finish a role/relationship were not being correctly checked