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Supported and Valued

The Psychiatric Trainees’ Committee (PTC) have published their final review ‘Supported and Valued’. A trainee-led review into morale and training within psychiatry.
Posted by Paul Grocott on 12 Apr 2017
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Latest News

  • Maintenance Release 2.0.2

    Posted by Simon at 13:21 on 02 Mar 2017


    • error when some users tried to view career history
    • error when trying to edit a portfolio that did not have a trust specified
    • issue preventing ARCP filters from displaying
    • error when viewing a portfolio where trust has not been specified
    • issue preventing generation of pdf’s for some activities
    • removed ability for users to delete comments made by other users
    • issue preventing reviewers from viewing the school section
    • error when displaying outcome forms when panelists have been subsequently deleted
    • issue where invalid document was not displaying
    • issue preventing PDP coverage from showing all activities mapped
    • issue where labels were not displaying correctly for some activities on the coverage pages
    • issue where labels were not displaying correctly for recent activities
    • issue that would cause a recurring error when a management nomination had been deleted
    • error checking permissions for archived portfolio
    • issue preventing Deanery Admins from deleting ARCPs
    • error when trying to edit a drafted MSF self-form
    • issue causing incorrect options to be displayed in the ‘level at next rotation’ dropdown on ARCP outcome forms
    • issue where a “one of a group of elements must be checked” form validation was not correctly checking values
    • issue where expired nominations could sometimes still display amongst a user’s outstanding tasks
    • error when trying to delete some activities
    • intermittent error when viewing dashboard if user has been nominated for a supervisor/management role
    • error when attempting to create a new PDP item/career entry in a new browser tab instead of using the modal dialogue
    • issue affecting the leadership form causing one of the responses not to display correctly when viewing a saved form
    • issue where the ‘select level’ dropdown would not contain all allowable values
    • error when trying to view ARCP outcome forms using a prior revision of the proforma
    • error when trying to add new reviewers to a school
    • issue causing new trainee registrations to silently fail
    • intermittent error when updating portfolio details
    • issue where the activity date would not correctly reflect the date of assessment for WPBAs/Reviews
    • issue where IE8 would not correctly load the required javascript libraries
    • multiple layout issues in IE8
    • issue which would causes excessive resource usage, leading to degraded site performance
    • error where a WPBA request would sometimes show on a user dashboard before the trainee sent the request
    • issue preventing input of a “reason” when the N13 code was selected for No Outcome on ARCP outcome forms
    • issue that would cause password reset to silently fail if the user record was invalid
    • issue preventing user account merge
    • issue where WPBA status would incorrectly show ‘being revised’ when a form had not previously been submitted
    • issue where a nomination would sometimes not be considered to have expired
    • issue where “Nomination Rejected” email had an incorrect subject
    • permissions issue when viewing portfolio folders
    • issue that would sometimes prevent submission of MSF self form
    • issue where the coverage page would incorrectly show knowledge/skills/attitudes for some competencies inline
    • permissions issue preventing reviewers from editing ARCP outcome forms that had been created by a different users
    • issue where ‘select specialty’ would sometimes not show all available specialties
    • permissions issue preventing some users editing ARCP outcome forms that had been re-opened
    • issue where the selected level for a career entry would sometimes not display when viewing the form
    • permissions error when managing school reviewers
    • error when a user did not specify all the required fields when creating an assessment
    • issue where removing an ARCP would not remove the associated outcome form
    • issue preventing printing of ARCP outcome forms
    • issue where creating an activity with no title would automatically select a ‘Case Log’ proforma
    • formatting & typos in some ARCP status messages
    • issue where ‘grade at next rotation’ would not be highlighted if it was left blank when ARCP outcome form was submitted
    • issue where submitting a WPBA would sometimes create an activity when it should not and vice-versa
    • issue preventing automated ‘outcome 6’ emails being sent to the college
    • discrepancies in GA & Old Age curricula preventing a competency from being mapped/unmapped


    • re-enabled PDP coverage page
    • do not allow users to edit portfolio type to be changed once it is set
    • do not allow users to delete a portfolio
    • removed spurious fields from ‘edit profile’ screen
    • temporarily disable SSO functions until college membership database is upgraded
    • disabled responsive layout in IE8
    • redirect back to PDP after editing
    • improved formatting on PDP page
    • make ‘case log’ label on WPBA’s into a dynamic link that shows the case log in a modal window
    • consider future dated PDP items as current? when mapping activities
    • include the activity ‘type’ as part of scope when searching activities
    • improved formatting/layout and content of the headers on forms, activities, WPBA’s etc
    • improvements to pdf generation for submitted forms
    • various additions to searching and filtering of assessments, activities, reviews etc
    • layout improvements to profile page
    • better handling of errors when uploading profile picture
    • order portfolios on profile page by start date
    • better handling of errors when creating a new review
    • automatically default the proforma for PDP items/career entry
    • clinical experience dropdown changed to select box to allow all case logs to be displayed
    • only show ‘current’ schools in menu
    • relabel ‘submit’ as ‘re-submit’ when resubmitting a form
    • make the ‘No Clinical Experience’ label link directly to ‘Edit WPBA’
    • only show first item in PO Feed on homepage
    • allow numbers on ratings tables as a configurable option per proforma
    • support links in help menu now direct to


    • allow printing of reviews from the portfolio -> reviews page
    • allow trainees to view archived portfolios from profile page
    • multiple I18n internationalisation translations added
    • portfolio management tools added for administrative users
    • support for multi-user forms
    • form element to allow selection of specific framework competencies that automatically generate coverage when form submitted
    • SLE pilot form
    • college announcements area to homepage
    • specify portfolio type when registering for a Psychiatry portfolio
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